The District of West Vancouver – one of the only municipalities in the lower mainland with a declining population – is set to embrace new forms density.

After two years of debate, council finally approved a new community plan for the district that estimates another 5,000 housing units will be added over the next 25 years. The picturesque community has seen a dip in population over the past few years and part of the new community plan aims to attract demographics that have been increasingly pushed out of Vancouver due to housing affordability. These demographics include young families, local workers and seniors looking to downsize into more convenient forms of housing.

A variety of housing options will be welcome, according to district staff, including duplexes, triplexes, townhomes and coach houses. Much of the development will be focused near already existing centres, like Ambleside, Taylor Way and Horseshoe Bay.  

The plan also looks at vibrancy and walkability, with the goal of encouraging pedestrian and bike traffic, as well as increased public transit. Plans for a bridge across the Capilano Bridge are also being discussed.

This is great news for a community that features everything desirable about the Vancouver lifestyle, but has yet to embrace density and urban housing the way other neighbourhoods in the city have. The District of West Vancouver foresees its population welcoming 10,000 new residents by 2041.

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