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Luxury Residential Funds

A selection of ultra-rare luxury homes in West Vancouver is part of the Abana Capital Residential Funds. All properties are carefully chosen based on strict criteria, redeveloped and introduced to the market. Abana Capital Residential Fund delivers superior growth potential in luxury single-family Real Estate (RE) developments in West Vancouver, B.C.

Funds: 1, 2 & 5

Population: There are roughly 42,000 people living in the area with average density of 473/km2 which is nearly half of the Metro density (802.5/km2)
Average Household Income: The West Vancouver Submarket is home to the most affluent population where the average household income is 2x higher than regional average and home prices are 2.4x more than regional.
Growth: In the 3 years leading up to 2016, the single-family market in West Vancouver was experiencing a double-digit price growth with 27.5%, 46.6% and 74.6% in 1,3 and 5 prior years with a whopping 123% 10-year rate of growth.
Median Age: 49.9
Average Household Size: 2.5 persons
Types of Dwellings: 58% Single-detached homes
Types of Dwellings: 29% Apartments – duplex 10% Movable dwelling
3% Semi-detached homes


  • Canada’s most exclusive enclaves of luxury real estate.
  • Up to 1200 feet of elevation with endless views

Project Map

Target Market & Demand:

  • Top 5% of earnings in Canada. (16.9% of the population aged 15 years and over)
  • Wealthy Asian investors seeking diversification and hard assets purchase housing in Vancouver.
  • house prices have contributed to increasing wealth in the West Vancouver area.
Project Websites:

  1. Triplex Luxury Home: theMarson.ca
  2. Luxury Home: Oterra.ca
  3. Luxury Home: 1525VinsonCreek.ca

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