Buying opportunity of a decade in one of the world’s most livable cities: Vancouver

Vancouver Real Estate

Our view of Vancouver’s long term real estate market dynamics


In 2018, there was a flurry of government interjection in the housing market in British Columbia, in an apparent attempt to force a decline in the housing market. A year later, however, the Metro Vancouver residential market has substantially dropped in activity. Mortgage stress test, rising rates and the announcement of speculation tax have weighed down market activity.

However, trying to curb demand without concrete and measurable steps to increase supply will only create a temporary tempering effect, and in short order, it will cause an even more ferocious resurgence in price, as builder activity drops, supply constraints worsen over time, and psychological effects wear out.

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A 15-page report on demand and supply dynamics of the real estate market in Metro Vancouver.

Table of Contents:

  • Demand Dynamics
  • Supply Dynamics
  • Closing Remarks

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Vancouver Real Estate Report

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